Forging Partnership for Biotechnology Research & Development

Bhubaneswar: A discussion meeting on linking universities and institutions for advanced research and development of biotechnology was organized by the Department of Biotechnology of the Union at the Institute of Natural Sciences.
The meeting aimed to bring together the various stakeholders to work on a common interest in research and development; Development of skills, capacity building, development of entrepreneurship; Outreach activities and social programs.
Dr. Ajay Parida, ILS Director in the opening remarks, noted that there are many leading institutions in Odysha with enormous capacities in the field of biotechnological research and development and urged that there is an urgent need for close cooperation on complementary forces.
Dr. Meenakshi Munshi et al. Suraksha Diwan, representatives of the Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India while complementing the ongoing activities, advised the institutions to establish lasting partnerships to take advantage of the research progress for field applications.
Dr.Puspashree Puhan, Director of the Department of Science and Technology, Odisha emphasized that in state biotechnology policy there is enough emphasis on promoting research and development activities.
The meeting was attended by Vice Presidents of Utkala, Berhampur, Khallikot, Ravenshaw, Central and SOA University and representatives of Ramadevi, Sambalpur, Northern Odisha University, OUAT, KISS and Directors ISSER, RMRC, KIIT, IIMT.
Participants identified key areas of research in which multidisciplinary and inter-institutional programs will be implemented especially in the field of biological resources management, evaluation of traditional knowledge and value-added, biology of infectious diseases, marine and coastal biotechnology and skills, capacity and entrepreneurship development. They considered that applications in biotechnology were key to addressing food, health and nutrition challenges.

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