For the fourth anniversary of the Smart City project, BSCL is giving its testimony

Bhubaneswar: The temple city that won the coveted Smart Cities Challenge has transformed the cityscape with the ambitious Smart City project.
On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the Smart City project, an overview will be given of the important project work that has a visible impact and changes the lives of the people of the state capital.
Technically referred to as the Solar Powered Adaptive Traffic Signaling System, it is an intelligent and IT-based signaling of traffic hubs in the city, which includes a traffic signal control system as well as the provision of pelican signals and city-wide turn signals. The city now has 50 intersections, 8 pelicans and 5 turn signals, and will be maintained by Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) for the next 7 years.
The design of the innovative parks included refurbishment of existing infrastructures such as paths, drinking taps, children’s play equipment, paddling pool, watchtower, outdoor gym, portable e-toilets, the disciplined organization of shrubs / trees and planting new trees to fit the overall theme and add kid-friendly Add components. The pictures on the walls are from children and citizens of all groups.
The first centralized command and control center of its kind will oversee, operate and control the city’s existing services. The Adaptive Traffic Signal System, Bus and Municipal Vehicle Tracking and the Grievance Redressal System are currently being put into operation by BOC. It also processes data collected by environmental sensors and a traffic violation detection system.
The concept of the Social Equity Center is to provide shelter to the floating poor population who need temporary housing, especially for immigrant construction workers. This integrated project will house a 200-bed rental apartment and 100 beds for Urban Homeless, an Aahar subsidized food center, vending machines and other necessary facilities.
The launch of Bhubaneswar.Me took place as a city branding website. This all-in-one website shows the city and its rich heritage, art, culture, architecture, cuisine, traditions, natural resources, urban development and tourist information for visitors wishing to explore the city.
The ‘Odyssey’ City Card, a prepaid multi-purpose card, is a unique offer in the city. It is designed to enable residents to quickly and easily pay for a range of services, such as transit or travel. Real estate tax, water bills and car parking fees as well as business transaction fees for retailers and businesses in a seamless manner.
The service now includes 100 hotspots and 275 access points. While a Wi-Fi hotspot can handle up to 150 users at a time, Internet speed is set to 2 megabytes per second (MBPS). Access to 250 MB of data is free for each user on a given day.
Following the launch of the 100 Phase I Wi-Fi network, 100 Phase II sites would follow, which would add later, and there would be 518 hotspots throughout the city to complete the citywide Wi-Fi network , With all three phases, the city will have 1,800 APs.

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