“Flying Blind Mice” the reason for the glitch in Bhopal Power Supply, says the state energy minister

BHOPAL: The government of Madhya Pradesh on Thursday announced that “flying blind mice” caused errors in power lines at the state capital.
Minister of Energy Priyavrat Singh said this in the assembly in response to a question about the power cuts requested by Yashpal Sisodiya (BJP).
During the debate, Opposition leader Gopal Bhargava of the BJP asked the minister to explain his previous statement that “flying blind mice provoked electricity”.
The Minister asked Mr. Bhargava not to connect the problem of “bat mice causing faults in the transmission line” with the whole country, as this was limited to only one locality in Bhopal.
Mr. Singh said that these flying mammals are causing bugs in the supply lines only in the area under the Bhopal northern zone near the Upper Lake.
The minister said he told officials who were trying to repair supply lines by isolating them.
Mr. Singh also claimed that the cases of power cuts in the country were reduced compared to the situation in the previous government of the BJP.
The issue came to light when an official of the state electric company, during a meeting on June 14, claimed that flying bats creates defects in power lines along the Upper Lake in Bhopal.

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