Flag Atop Puri Srimandira Catches Fire In Odisha

Puri:  A flag atop the Srimandira in Puri of Odisha caught fire Thursday. Today is Papamochani ekdasi. Reportedly,  lamps had been placed atop the temple on the occasion of Ekadasi today which caught fire due to the gusty winds.However, as per devotees, this is an indication by Lord Jagannath, the Lord of the Universe about coming up of a huge hazard. Flags are fixed atop the famous temple and height of Puri temple is 214 feet. Hence, nobody can see from a close distance anything that happens atop  the temple. However, we can see fire atop the temple as seen in the video. However, what was witnessed from far distance was a few lamps were been placed near the Nila Chakra from where the flag might have caught fire.

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