Five arrested for assassination in Bargarh, Sixth Defendant commits suicide

Bargarh: The city police of Bargarh arrested five members of a band of robbers on Saturday for killing a man in an attempt of insolence in the village of Jamurda.
Basanta Pradhan of Dhama in the district of Sambalpur was shot at by criminals during the night of 9-10 June. On the way to the hospital he succumbed to gunshot wounds.
The five arrested criminals are Lal Bibek Singh from Uttar Pradesh, Rajesh Singh from Bihar, Nakula Majhi aka Tunu from Barpali, Manoj Badhia from Indira Nagar in Bolangir and Suren Mallik from Kalapani in Bargarh.
The sixth defendant in the case, Rakesh Behera from Ambabhona, committed suicide in the village of Kalmi on June 21, using a gun used for the crime.
According to the police, the six robbers entered the house of Hiralal Mahanta, the deceased’s brother-in-law, by climbing over the border wall.
During the action, the robbers fired a ball at Basanta that missed the target. Later, they asked him to call Hiralal to open the gate on the ground floor. When he was against, they fired two bullets at Basanta.
The injured Basanta was immediately transferred to Vikash Hospital and then to VIMSAR Burla. He died, however, the injuries.
During the investigation, the police arrested the five defendants. A six-round revolver, a single shotgun with a shotgun, a 7.65-shotgun with a shotgun, three motorcycles and a car were torn from their possession.

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