Everywhere in the world, the Olympic day was celebrated

New Delhi: National Olympian Associations and their members from around the world celebrate the Olympic Day on June 23.
The Olympic Day is a worldwide celebration of the establishment of the International Olympic Committee and the Modern Olympic Movement by Pierre de Coubertain in 1894.
The day is celebrated to promote participation in various sports around the world, without discriminating against gender, age and athletic ability.
WOA is pleased to support NOAs and Olympians in celebrating the Olympic Day so that they can hold special events, activities and festivals, and ensure that the positive values ??of the Olympic Movement, excellence, friendship and respect are promoted.
The Olympic Day is a celebration of the Olympic movement and the joy of sports of millions of people around the world. The Olympic Day, an initiative of the International Olympic Committee, was established in 1948 to commemorate the birth of the modern Olympic Games on June 23, 1894.

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