EU Summit: Left Center Timmermans at the top

Reports say that the current favorite of the Commission President is Dutch leftist politician Frans Timmermans. He’s already Deputy Mayor Juncker.
However, politicians in Poland, Hungary and Romania do not like the way in which they implemented the EU rule of law policy.
Right center block wants German Manfred Weber to get the highest job.
He is a candidate of the European People’s Party (EPP) under the “Spitzenkandidat” (Leading Candidate) procedure, supported by the European Parliament as a democratic way of reflecting the outcome of European elections.
However, while the EPP remains the largest block, it does not have a majority, and French President Emmanuel Macron is among those who oppose the Spitzenkandidat system. May elections for the EU have led to fragmented parliament.
The Commission drafts EU laws, oversees national budgets, implements EU treaties and negotiates international trade agreements.
A rare Sunday summit was convened because EU leaders failed on June 20 to agree on candidates for the job of the President of the Commission and other high positions: the President of the European Council (to replace Donald Tusk); High Representative for Foreign Policy (to replace Federico Mogherini); President of the European Parliament and President of the European Central Bank.
The leaders start a working dinner. If necessary, the talks will resume on breakfast Monday, Tusk says.

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