Effort to save: Imran Khan will stay in the envoy while he is in the United States

Islamabad: The Prime Minister of Pakistan will stay in the official residence of a Pakistani envoy in Washington during his visit to the United States to reduce travel expenses.
The reports say that as part of the government’s austerity to solve the financial difficulties of the nation, Prime Minister Imran Kan will avoid staying in the expensive hotel during his visit to the United States.
The media reported that officials in Islamabad informed the embassy of Pakistan that Prime Minister Khan wants to remain in the official residence of the ambassador in Washington during a three-day visit to the United States, starting on July 21st.
The International Monetary Fund Executive Board approved a three-year $ 6 billion rescue plan last week to revive the Pakistani economy. However, the IMF has attached some tough conditions for rescue, saying the government needs to take stringent austerity measures.

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