Dy CM G Parameshwara offers resignation as the crisis deepens in Karnataka

Bengaluru: Deputy Prime Minister G Parameshwara offered to resign over the ongoing crisis that hit the Janatha Dal Congress government in Karnataka.
According to reports, Karnataka HD Kumaraswamy, who was in the US, returned to Bengaluru in a special authorized flight in the light of the situation.
Even 11 MLAs, eight Congresses, and three JD (S) resigned over the weekend.
The news agency quoting Parameshwar said: “I called for a meeting of all the ministers who are members of the congress party on breakfast, to discuss current political developments and consequences. We know what the BJP is trying to do. If necessary, we can all resign, and then we accept the MLA. “
Kumaraswamy held a meeting with JD (S) chief HD Deva Gowdom to discuss the political situation in the country. The state leadership also blamed the BJP for a government crisis. The saffron party, however, denied it.
BJP Karnataka BS Yeddyurappa said on Sunday: “Me and my party have nothing to do with development in other competing parties. I heard through the media that the legislators of the Congress-JD (S) resigned at their headquarters in the Karnataka Assembly. I categorically reiterate that the BJP has absolutely no decision on this issue. “He, however, said his party would explore all the ways to form a government in the country.

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