Disrespect for the dead: The body of an elderly man worn on a belt of 5 km

Kalahandi: In another case of disrespect for the dead, the body of an elderly man was driven on a belt 5 km from the hospital because of the inaccessibility of the service for the dead car.
According to reports, Nigidi Majhi from Balisure in the Kalahandi district was admitted to the Kaniguma hospital on Monday. However, he succumbed to his illness last night.
In the morning, the body was handed over to the family of the deceased, but the service for killing dead bodies was not provided by the hospital authorities.
Without other options, a family member was carrying a body at 5 km to get to his hometown from the hospital. A video of a heartbreaking incident is now circulating on social networks.
It can be mentioned here that servicing Mahaprayan vehicles is a very subsidized state scheme that has become available to everyone. However, the lack of vehicles for the dead car led to such incidents.

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