Deogarh’s police arrested the murder of the accused

Deogarh: Police arrested the Accused last night for the murder that killed a woman for a land dispute in the village of Tankabir, under the borders of Reamal in the district of Deogarh.
The main indictee in this murder case, identified as Digambar Sahoo (62), was arrested and sent to court today, police Deogarh told a media meeting that took place today.
According to reports, Soubhagya Sahoo from Tinklabir village captured a piece of state land for many years. As people from the village asked to leave this land in order to establish Gundich’s temple in the village, the family did not pay attention to this question.
On July 5, Soubhagy’s family objected to members of the self-help group to lay the foundations of Gundich’s temple in a certain country. Tired of denying, Digambar Sahoo killed Jemadei Sahoo (wife Soubhagye) to death. Soubhagya filed a lawsuit against Digambar Sahoo, after which the police launched an investigation into the issue.
“Kunduru Behera (45), Pavitra Mohan Sahoo (72), Daktar Sahoo (48), Khageswar Sahoo (66), Pramod Sahoo (50), Dharanidhar Sahoo (75) were arrested and sent to the court on July 7, 1991. The Accused Digambar Sahoo was convicted of a murder in Brayarainagar and was sentenced to life imprisonment. In that sense, further actions will soon be taken, “said Rahul Jain, chief of police Deogarh, at the press center.

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