Delay in ‘Gopal Ballav’ or ‘Dakshina Fashion’ from carriages

Puri: Dakshina The fashion of all three Rathas (cars) of Lord Jagannatha and his brothers and sisters, to be held today, is likely to be postponed after the Gopal Ballav Niti (ritual) of the Holy Trinity will be postponed for 2 hours at the Gundich Temple.
After the ritual of Hera Panchami, on the 6th day all three Rathas (cars) are ready to return, the road will turn south. This way of turning south of all Rathas is called Dakshina Moda. After preparing Dakshina Fashion, all three cars (Rathas) will be preserved near Nakachan Dwara’s eastern gate of the Gundich Temple towards the main temple (Jagannath Mandir).
In addition to Dakshina Fashion, the second ceremony that is being watched on the 6th day is the beginning of the three-day rampage of Lord Jagannatha.
The Lord Jagannatha’s idol is conducted to the race mandap in the Gundich Temple where the hymns of Gita Govinde are sung and the ancient ones are bought in the glory of the Lord. During rasalile, the interaction between Krishna and gopia is carried out through hymns. Devadasis sang this before, but now the servants have taken over.

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