“Dasamula Modaka” today will be offered to the sick deities in Puri Srimandir

Puri: The secret Ayurvedic medicine, Dasamula Modak, prepared by Srimandir “Raj Baidyas” to heal the sick deities that are now in “Anasari Ghar”, will be offered today.
Ayurvedic medicine, which prepares from the roots of 10 different medicinal herbs, bark and fruits on the tenth day of Debian Purnima Srimandir’s “Raj Baidyas” will be offered today to Lord Jagannatha and his brothers and sisters.
Special medicine is offered to the gods twice a day. With the use of a special medication, it is believed that sick deities become better.
Doctors of the deities, known as baidyas, follow their inherent duty of preparing medication during this annual illness period. The divine brothers and sisters give doses of various medications and massage special oils. Recipes change every day, and different drugs are prepared by different families who are in charge of the generations.
After recovering from the illness the following morning, the gods will be given exfoliation and massage, known as Khali Lags, to help them recover from weaknesses.
On the other hand, the work on the car will soon be completed for the annual stay of Trinity gods on July 4th.

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