Crorepati assistant in Vig net

Nabarangpur: On Wednesday, warheads carried out simultaneous raids on the property of a recently retired assistant teacher Mundagada Project at a senior elementary school and dug up property worth 5.5 kilograms.
The Accused was identified as Subrat Kumar Choudhury, who worked as an assistant teacher at a senior elementary school in Kosagumuda district in Nabarangpur district. The teacher worked at the school since 2005 and voluntarily retired from service in June 2019.
Acting on allegations against him, the anti-corruption wing team on Wednesday carried out simultaneous incursions into his residency and other assets.
After that, vigilance detectives took away the property of school teachers, including his four-story building in Patel Sahi, 23 different parcels in the district, one two-storey building in Nuabanda Sahi and two two-storey buildings in Rangamatiguda. Wake-up officers also seized his two-storey building in the colony of the RK, a car and other valuables.
The searches were conducted after the accusation of the alleged teacher to accumulate property disproportionately to his famous sources of income.
Although an investigation is under way in this case, Subrat stated that the property was acquired from the income of his wife.

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