Crisis in Karnataka: MLA insurgents run by the Supreme Court against the President

Bengaluru: A Karnataka drama took over a new revolt with the rebel congress – JD (S) MLA, which runs Wednesday against the Supreme Court.
They said that the chairman failed in his “constitutional duty” by not accepting their resignations. Earlier, the leader of the Congress, DK Shivakumar, who went to Mumbai to talk to the rebels, was forced to return from the hotel by the police after he was greeted by the slogans “go back.”
Shivakumar said: “Nothing is sustainable in politics. No friends or enemies. Everyone can turn at any moment. I’m trying to contact them. Their heart beats to meet their friend. “
The reports state that ten rebel MLAs from the JD (S) convention committee wrote to the Mumbai Police Commissioner who expressed fear of the dangers of their lives during a visit to Shivakumar and the leader of the JD (S) city on Wednesday.

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