CP Bans Mass Prayers At Mosques, Asks People To Offer Namaz At Home

Bhubaneswar: Amid the serious health crisis in the country due to novel Coronavirus, the governments are implementing new ways to stop the virus from spreading its footprints.
In such a move, the Commissionerate Police has issued orders to ban mass prayers at mosques and Iftar parties during the month of Ramadan.
The CP has also asked people to offer namaz at home by maintaining social-distancing.
The month of Ramadan will commence from 24 or 25 April.
The Ministry of Minority Affairs has issued advisory calling for the suspension of gathering for congregational prayers/majlis, Iftaar in Masjid/Dargahs, Imam Bara’s, etc. during the month of Ramadan to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
The advisory suggests that Azan should be offered at a low decibel and namaaz including Friday prayers to be performed by the Pesh Imams or the staff of mosque only.
No public will be allowed to offer namaaz in the mosque. Use of public address system for offering Namaaz by mosque staff in mosques also have been prohibited
The order further states that no arrangement for Dawat-e-Sahri or Iftar can be organised during the holy month of Ramzan, and Poddiges can’t be prepared in Mosque premises to distribute in the locality. Eatery shops near mosques and dargahs, which come up during Ramzan, have also been prohibited.

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