COVID 19 Symptoms Seen In 100 People In Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Coronavirus symptoms have been seen in 100 people who have recently returned from Coronavirus affected foreign countries, said Subroto Bagchi, Odisha Govt’s spokesperson for COVID 19 today in a press meet. Bagchi has been conducting presser since last few days on daily basis to provide updated facts and orders related to COVID 19.Bagchi put forth the following:By 12 pm Tuesday 110 specimens had been sent and they were tested negative. So far Odisha has the same 2 positive cases of coronavirus. Their condition is stable. And they are eating food normally.Through the 104 helpline number, about 3861 people, who have returned from corona affected foreign countries, have registered. Out of them, 100 people have been found with mild symptoms of COVID 19. However, they have not been tested positive so far. Appropriate steps are being taken in this regard.He further said that 45 people, who came in contact with the 2 people who have been found positive, have been kept in the hospital in isolation.He also said that as seen in US and some other countries, coronavirus enters a country with a very few number. It continues for some day slowly. However, after some days the number of affected persons gets multiplied.Bagchi presented a probable number of affected persons by May 31.Keeping in view the pace with which coronavirus is growing, by May 31, about 58,643 people may be affected in the country while the upper number can go up to 10 lakh in India. And, calculating on this probable statistics, Odisha may have minimum 2,345 positive cases by May 31. And in worst case this number may go upto 36,000.He also exhibited some slides showing London’s Eye in UK, Times Square in US and Sydney of Australia during lock down. It was witnessed that the places were completely ‘no men’ zone during lock down.

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