Country’s first ever digital garden to come up in Kerela

Kerela: Country’s first ever digital garden with QR codes is soon going to come up at Kanakkunu Garden in Thiruvananthapuram of Kerela.
All the trees in Kanakkunu Garden, spread over 21 acres located in the Raj Bhavan, will come up with QR codes which will facilitate the details about the particular tree.One can scan the QR code on the trees through smartphones and can know the full information about the tree like tree species, age, botanical name, nickname, flowering season on trees, the season of fruit, weather and other related information will be available in a moment.
There are 126 species of trees in the garden, which have been done in digital format.
There are thousands of trees in the Kanakkunu Garden, but at present, 600 trees have been given quick response ie the QR code.

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