Commissar Police nails man for stealing from a locked car

Bhubaneswar: The Commissariat Police arrested Niranjana Nayaka (27) from the Nayapalli area on charges of stealing the valuables from the locked car and forwarding it to the court today.
According to reports, one Madhupriya Swain descended in front of the passport office and walked in, holding his vanity bag containing gold ornaments and a mobile phone in his car. She was accompanied by her husband.
After returning, the couple found a bag missing from the car and found out that some criminal removed the bag with cash and decorations using their absence.
Subsequently, Madhupriyin’s husband, Rajesh Kumar Swain, lodged a complaint with the Nayapalli police on the same day and launched an investigation.
The police succeeded in seizing Nayak after collecting information from intelligence sources, using CCTV and a mobile operator.
During the interrogation, the Accused admitted that he committed the crime after which he found stolen golden ornaments and a mobile phone. One gold necklace, one gold Magalsutra, three pairs of gold bracelets, one gold chain, one MI Note Pro mobile phone and a copy of a pledge card were seized from him.
“The Accused was sent for trial. A further investigation is aimed at identifying the involvement of other persons, if any, “said a press release published by the Office of the Deputy Police Commissioner, Twin City.

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