Commissar Police nabs 12 drug makers

Bhubaneswar: Intensifying the fight against illegal drug trafficking, Commissariat police on Friday captured 12 drug dealers and seized smuggled goods from them.
According to a press release published by the DCP office in Bhubaneswar, Komesar’s police raided several places in and around the city and captured drug dealers.
Five cases were registered under police stations Jatna, Chandaka, KV Nagar and Khandagiri, CP said.
The arrested drug dealers were identified as Aju Nayak, Sukanta Nayak, Goutam Behera, Rajesh Pattnaik, Pratam Das (Jatni), Jayakrushana Pradhan (Chandaka), Lokesh Pal, Siba Shankar Behera (KV Nagar), SK Nurudin, Arjuna Pradhan, Hemanta Kumar Mahalik , Ramakanta Jena (Khandagiri).
A few grams of brown sugar, about 11 kilograms of ganja, four motorcycles, three mobile phones and more than 50 thousand dinars in cash were seized during a special action launched by the Commissariat police against unmanaged drug trafficking.
While one case has been registered against the accused Lokesh Pala at Kharavelanagar police station, nine criminal cases are ongoing against the Accused SK Nurudin at the Khandagiri police station, the statement said. Such facilities will be regularly implemented to neutralize and uncover a secret transaction of smuggled vehicles, it adds.

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