Coal transportation has been hit as truck owners start a strike in Talcher

Talcher: Coal transportation from Talcher’s coal is severely hit as the truck owner’s association today launched an unspecified strike today demanding an increase in cargo charges.
Mining operations in the belt have stalled due to the unpredicted strike by the conveyor and truck operator. About 1000 trucks are engaged in the transportation of coal by road from waveguides in various parts of the country. The drivers also joined the agitation.
Carriers demand an increase in transport costs due to the steady rise in diesel prices.
Truck owners are heavily affected by fuel prices, annual insurance fees, spare parts and periodic maintenance, with the exception of an increase in the salary of drivers and auxiliaries.
It would be difficult for transporters to continue their business, if the price of the vehicle fleet is not revised, said the agitator. The vehicles would stay out of the way until the government accepts all our demands, said the truck owner.
Agitators have called on the officials concerned to take immediate steps to increase transport costs to deal with an increase in the recent price of diesel fuel.

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