CJ writes to PM to increase the number of judges in order to resolve the backlog

New Delhi: Supreme Court Judge Ranjan Gogoi wrote letters to the prime minister to increase the number of judges to deal with the remaining 43 cases in the courts.
According to reports, Gogoi has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to pass two constitutional amendments for this purpose.
Two constitutional amendments must be made to increase the power of supreme judges from the current number 31 and extend the age limit for retirement of judges of the High Court from 62 to 65 years.
The CJI also called on the prime minister to enter the old tradition of appointment as retired judges and judges of the Supreme Court, in accordance with articles 128 and 224A of the Constitution.
According to reports, nearly 58,669 cases are still pending before the Supreme Court, which has recently achieved the full force of 31 judges. Gogoi stated in his letter that 26 cases over 25 years, 100 cases 20 years, 593 cases 15 years and 4,977 cases 10 years.
He said that the lack of judges made it difficult for the CJI to represent the necessary number of five constitutional benchmarks for consideration of cases involving significant legal issues or interpretation of constitutional provisions.

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