CHSE Plus II Arts, Commerce Results

Bhubaneswar: The Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE), Odisha today announced the results of Plus II art, trade and professional courses. Minister of School and Mass Education Samir Ranjan Dash officially announced a booklet on the results at the Press Center in Bhubaneswar this afternoon. In the art stream, the total transit percentage is 65.89%. The percentage of leakage was reduced in the stream of art this year compared to last year’s performance. Out of a total of 2,31,150 students who passed the exam, 1,52,323 successfully passed the exam. The exam was passed by a total of 57,442 boys, which is 55.80% of the total number of boys who passed the exam, while the percentage of girls passing through was 73.99%, since 94.882 girls were tested. Even 18,773 students secured the first division on the annual Plus II exam, while 22,944 students were placed in the second league. Similarly, 11,451 students went to the third division. In the meantime, two colleges have recorded a percentage of zero average in the art stream. The total percent of percent in trade is 70,26%. The total percentage of trade defects was reduced in relation to the previous year. This year nearly 27,000 students took the exam for +2 stores. The effect on the professional exam for +2 remained unchanged. This year, 52.62% of students took the exam. Last year, 52.61% of students took the exam. 100% of the results were registered by 4 colleges for the result of 2 arts and 25 colleges for the result of 2 stores. On the other hand, 6 colleges achieved a zero score. CHSE conducted annual reviews of all flows between March 7 and March 30.

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