Chief Kerala CPM resigns after a son involved in charges of rape

Kannur: CPM head of Kerala Kodiyeri Balakrishnan offered his resignation after his son was captured in rape charges, according to reports.
Though there is no official confirmation on this, Balakrishnan allegedly offered to withdraw from that post on charges.
The top leadership of the party said that he did not need to resign because he did not try to protect his son. CPM staff can not afford to lose top leaders such as Balakrishnan, especially at the moment when they are retiring under the humiliating defeat of the party in the local elections in 2019 in Lok Sabhi.
The staff believe that his exit could shake the pillars of the party, even more so because they won only one seat in the general election, that is, in the state in which they are in government.
The opposition party in Kerala, the Congress, sought an investigation into the case and asked the CPM to examine this issue.
Balakrishnan’s son Binoy, a businessman in Dubai, was indicted by a rape woman, and the case in this case was filed in Mumbai.

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