Chandrayaan-2 successfully completes 4th orbit maneuver, moves closer to Moon

New Delhi: India’s second lunar craft Chandrayaan-2 has moved further close to the moon, as its fourth and penultimate manoeuvre has been carried out successfully this evening.
The mission has been carried out by the scientists and engineers of the national space agency ISRO Friday evening. The engine-burn on-board the lunar craft began at 06:18 PM and lasted for 19 minutes and 15 seconds.
It helped Chandrayaan-2 to reach an orbit which is 124 kilometres at the closest point and 164 kilometres at the farthest. All parameters of the lunar craft are observed to be healthy.
The next and last manoeuvre would be held on Sunday (Sept 1) evening. With all the distance covered so far, Chandrayaan-2 has travelled more than its predecessor Chandrayaan-1, as confirmed by the ISRO.

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