Census 2021: The Main Secy emphasizes complete and accurate enumeration

Bhubaneswar: Secretary General Aditya Prasad Padhi held Friday’s preparatory meeting for the India-2021 population census, the world’s largest administrative exercise.
A high-level meeting was held today in the secretariat where the Chief Secretary for Income and Accident Management Nikunya Bihari Dhal presented the issues and a list of Community Directors, the Government of India, Barak Barad presented a proposal for the debate.
Observing the different dimensions of the proposal, Padhi directed the entire census operation to a complete and accurate one. He emphasized the full coverage of all houses and the precise enumeration of all people.
At the meeting, it was decided that a specially designed mobile application for enumeration would be made this time to make it more accurate and realistic. Techsilders were asked to update and certify village maps in respect of their Techsil.
It was also decided that district judges would function as chief census officers, and additional district courts would be appointed as census officers in their districts.
The census would take place in two phases. In the first phase, there would be a list of houses and a list of housing units, and in the second phase there would be a population census.
It was decided that both stages should be completed by March 2021. Unlike previous censuses, this time, wise enumeration would be done instead of a list of police stations.
Furthermore, at the meeting, it was decided that the pre-testing activities of the inventory techniques will be carried out in three representative places in the country. These are Pattamundai in Kendrapara district, Puintala in Bolangir district and Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation.
Barad said the pre-testing would be done via a mobile application. It will begin on August 12, 2019 and will be completed by September 30, 2019, within which the entire census will be done based on sampling, using both the mobile application and the paper regime.

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