CBI arrests IRS officials and CGST department heads in the case of bribery worth Rs.2.5bn

New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested a deputy commissioner and a superintendent on Thursday, both working in CGST, Patna-II, for receiving bribes worth Rs.2.5bn
Deputy Commissioner Chandan Prakash Pandey, an Indian Inland Revenue official for 2016, and Superintendent Mohammed Soaibuddin were caught red-handed when they received the bribe from the complainant, a mill owner.
A lawsuit against the duo for a claim for bribery of Rs 8 lakh was brought by the complainant for failing to petition the wife and the applicant’s sister-in-law.
After the duo had been caught red-handed, the central agency carried out searches in their official and residential premises.
The two arrested defendants will be produced tomorrow before the cases of Special Judge II, CBI, Patna, the CBI officials said.

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