Canyon NTPC power crisis due to coal shortage

Talcher: The Kaniha NTPC power plant is facing a serious crisis as it is unable to produce the necessary power to the state consumers due to lack of coal.
According to sources, electricity supply is drastically curtailed due to shutdowns due to various factors, including the agitation of workers in progress after which production and supply of coal have stopped.
To run all six units (500 Mw each) of their maximum rated capacity, NTPC Kaniha needs 55,000 tonnes of coal daily. However, a super power plant in Kanihi is facing a crisis and only two units are currently operating following a strike by Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd (MCL) workers who cut off fuel supply.
The Kaniha NTPC station has not received coal since July 25, power generation at the power plant has decreased to 1000 Mw compared to a capacity of 3000 Mw.
Workers at MCL’s Talcher sites began a strike on July 24, protesting the breach of the Bharatpur coal mining project. Due to the alleged negligence on the part of the manager in question, there were leaks in the mines leading to landslides.
The rebellion paralyzed coal production at Talcher deposits. One of the most productive coal mining zones in the country. MCL offices also ceased operations due to agitation.

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