BSCL honors young social workers for helping people during the cyclone Fani

Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) today congratulated 35 peer leaders (Pragati Sathis) and youth leaders who extended helping hands to people during the cyclone storm Fani.
The boys and girls also participated in the follow-up of the heavy cyclone Fani, which reached the state capital on May 3.
Before the young social workers, Prem Chandra Chaudhary, CEO of BSCL, said they should work hard to make Bhubaneswar beautiful. He congratulated the participants on their efforts.
Saroj Swain, General Manager (Administration) of BSCL, said: “If a country’s youth are not aware of its rights and responsibilities, no society can flourish. He praised the efforts of the Socially Smart Project, which created a youth forum in Bhubaneswar to take leadership to the next level.
BSCL General Manager (Social Projects) Dipti rani Sahu also addressed the participants and congratulated them on their efforts.
Dipanjali Swain of Jagannath Basti, one of the peer leaders (Pragati Sathi), said that “Smart City has given us the opportunity to improve leadership. Our efforts during Fani have been well received by the community. “
Around 6:00 am, all field coordinators, active peer leaders (Pragati Sathis) and project managers were called to make sure that people from the slums moved into emergency shelters, and no person living in a Katcha house stays back during the night Wind / cyclone period.
It was the last effort of the young leaders and the Humara Bachpan Trust team that helped evacuate about 16 slums into the nearby temporary cyclone shelters opened by the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC), creating a substantial amount of human resources Loss was avoided.
In view of the unhygienic state of the slum, efforts have been made in collaboration with leaders (Pragati Sathis) to clean up the area. In this regard, support was provided by a group of volunteers who had come from other districts to assist those devastated by the cyclone. These volunteers were mainly from Jagruti, Nehru Yuva Kendra and the Gyanadeep Foundation, who had the necessary cutters and skills to cut and remove large, broken trees. In many slums, the church not only worked hand in hand with these volunteers and project staff, but also cooked food for these volunteers. Up to now, cleanliness rides have been carried out in eight slums of Bhubaneswar.
Clean drinking water was provided by linking related support from Tata Trusts or BMC tankers. Four slums were supported. The peer leaders (Pragati Sathis) are youth leaders trained by the Socially Smart Project who, in collaboration with BSCL and UNFPA, teach, train and teach youth from slums of the Bhubaneswar Town Center District and beyond.

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