Brown sugar seized in the Haladipadia suburban district, two were held

Bhubaneswar: Commissariat Police have arrested two people, including a woman from the Haladipadia suburb district under the Laxmysagar police bureau in Bhubaneswar on charges of selling brown sugar.
The indictees were identified as Ayesha Bibi (33) and Sarif Khan (44) from the Sakhigopal area in the Puri district.
According to reports, the police team carried out a joint attack in a slum neighborhood and seized 10.35 grams of brown sugar and 4670 dinars in cash from the possession of the arrested two.
A case has been registered against the accused persons under the relevant sections of the IPC.
It can be mentioned here that Haladipadia’s poor neighborhood has turned into a safe haven for smugglers who supply illicit drugs in state capital just under the police’s bust.

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