Breaking stereotypes! A trio with her daughters performs paternal ritual rites in Malkangiri

Malkangiri: Breaking the stereotype of an old Hindu tradition, the trio of the daughters performed the last ritual after the death of his father and set the funeral break in the Malkangiri district.
According to reports, the deceased, Sukanta Kumar Pattnaik from colony no. 119 of Malkangiri Sadar, was originally admitted to the District Hospital Hospital after complained of a cardiovascular disease and later transferred to the SLN Medical College and hospital.
However, he died yesterday after a heart attack.
After his body was asked, the remains were brought to his residence. Relatives and neighbors have piled up in order to pay their last respect to the demised soul. But what reverberated was the question of who will perform the last rites. Traditionally, the last rite of a deceased person is always performed by a male family member. Sukanta did not have a male heir to bear his name or a complete funeral rite.
But soon the questions were answered as Sukantina’s three daughters – Sasmit, Smith and Sangeet, progressively turned around while they were going out to perform the last rites. The Troika also carried the body into the cremation ground, while the prayers mantra Yami, after which they lit their father’s stake.
The incident caused the gratitude of one and all. People in the city have now said that society has changed because women have taken on roles traditionally singled out for men.

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