BPCL leads the cleanliness drive at the Lingaraj temple

Bhubaneswar: The cleanliness drive was organized by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL) at Lingaraj temple in Bhubaneswar today under the initiative of Swachhath Pakhwada.
From 1 July to 15 July Swachhta Pakhwada is watched by the Indian government in order to create awareness and promote cleanliness.
Within this initiative, BPCL has carried out a cleaning operation near the Lingaraj Temple for almost two and a half hours. The vehicle was run by Debashis Palit, Retail Manager-Odisha & Jharkhand, BPCL along with other senior Petroleum industry officials.
Famous social workers Samir Mohanty, Babu Singh and Harekrushna Khuntia also took part in the ride and appreciated BPCL for this noble thing. Dealers and distributors of the oil industry, about 200 volunteers from Bhubaneswar Lokal also took part in the ride.
Addressing the participants, Debashis Palit emphasized the need for a waste-free environment. He said that while such exercises will continue, the responsibility of all to maintain their space will be kept clean and clean, ensuring zero tolerance for garbage.
He also delighted the audience with inspirational words, Swachhta should not be left limited as an event specific, but should be rooted in our habit and life.

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