BMC to seal 29 illegal marriage / welfare pavilions in OMC Rajdhani

Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Thursday announced the sealing of 29 marriages pavilions and Kalyan pavilions under the jurisdiction of its Northern Territory, acting on its functioning charges without valid business license and other necessary condition. Issuing a notification in this regard, BMC officials mentioned that the above mentioned places are illegal and unauthorized as they flouted various norms such as running without license, keeping tax, proper building plan, waste management process and traffic perception Were found to have occurred.

As part of the action against the pavilions, the zonal deputy commissioner of BMC North Zone has directed the joint enforcement teams of BMC and BDA officials to seal the locations on the date fixed by the authorities and submit compliance reports on a daily basis.
The notice mentioned, the teams along with local police personnel would go to the scene and seal the pavilion giving the work to their respective owners.
Here the list of 29 pavilions is to be sealed by BMC.

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