BMC intensifies the social media campaign to popularize PMAY

Bhubaneswar: Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has launched social media and public campaigns throughout the city to popularize Prime Minister Awas Yoyan (PMAY). An intense campaign through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, posters and crowds is to popularize the concept among the urban population to have their own home in their own country. It can be mentioned here that, while the civilian body has completed 272 PMAY houses in the city, 1093 houses are planned. Of these houses, while 421 are on the roof, 121 are on the platform and 137 at the level of the foundation. Also, 414 houses under PMAY will begin. According to the PMAY guidelines, a person could apply for a concrete (pucca) house if he owns his own country of 25 to 30 square meters, and the applicant should have a land registry (records of rights or ROR) in his / her name. The annual income of the family should be 2.16 lb or less. The applicant can choose a model home from the available five to ten models available in the civil body. As stated in the instructions, the PMAY user must fill his home for up to 90 days from the receipt of the work order. If the user does not achieve this within 90 days, the work order will be canceled and he / she must resubmit a request for a work order. If everything goes well with the construction, the user must finish the house within six to twelve months after receiving a work order. For the house, the user will receive 2 rucksacks as a four-way aid. The first installment of 40,000 Rs will be released after excavation, the second of Rs 60,000 after laying the foundation, the third rate of Rs 60,000 after the walls are completed up to the roof level and the fourth rate of 40,000 Rs after the completion of the toilet, wall mortar, water supply and electrification, etc. Leaflets published by the City Council Technical Committee (CLTC), who were concerned about the implementation of PMAY houses throughout the city, said “if a person was found without using government money in a building, a work order would be canceled. The push of the Odish Government for PMSY is that if the user completes the house within 120 days, then he will receive a prize of 20,000 Rs. If the duration is within 180 days, then he / she will receive a cash prize of 10,000 RUR. In addition to land registry data on its behalf, the user must submit several more certificates, evidence and documents.

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