BJP names Sanjay Raut as anti-BJP front “Mungerilal’s dream”

Panaji: Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut claims that an anti-BJP alliance will form in Goa, with the ruling party in the state saying on Friday that it was doing one day and night.
Goa BJP chief Vinay Tendulkar also said that Mr. Raut should ensure that his party fulfilled the promises made to the people of Maharashtra, where it formed the government with the help of Congress and NCP. “Raut ut Mungerilal’s Haseen Sapne is creating a buzz,” Mr. Tendulkar referred to the Doordarshan series, which aired in 1989.
“Before getting into Goa politics, Raut must first ensure that his party fulfills the promises made to the people of Maharashtra,” he said.
Mr Raut should also see to it that his party’s candidates do not lose deposits in Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in Goa, the BJP leader further said.
Mr Raut said earlier on Friday that an anti-BJP coalition would be formed in Goa soon. He was speaking after meeting Goa Forward Party (GFP) chief Vijai Sardesai in Mumbai.
“The Shiv Sena, which used to slam Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, has overnight changed its ideology to cobble up an unholy alliance in Maharashtra,” Mr Tendulkar further said.
“Sena is dreaming of forming a government in Goa, despite the fact that the BJP on its own has 27 MLAs in 40seat House,” he added.
The BJP has “never backstabbed anyone, the way the Sena did in Maharashtra,” Mr Tendulkar said, adding that “we have given a proper and stable government in Goa.”
In a veiled reference to GFP leaders, Mr Tendulkar said some people call themselves protectors of Goan identity, but now they are inviting parties from Maharashtra to rule Goa.
He said that the BJP would win the 2022 Goa Assembly elections without any alliance.
Mr. Tendulkar also claimed that the party’s strength in the Legislative Assembly could be between 27 and 30, but that none of the opposition MLAs could refuse to change sides.

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