BJD MP reiterated his request for the establishment of the Kaling Army in the army

New Delhi: Representing Odish a huge contribution to the country’s defense, MP Biyo Janata Dal (BJD) Patra repeated a request to establish the Kalinga Regiment in the Indian Army, in parliament on Thursday.
Prophet Rajya Sabha said that raising the Kalinga regiment in the Indian army from the Odyssey is a long-term requirement. Earlier the request was sent by late Biju Patnaik, and the proposal was sent to the Central Government in 2015, but unsuccessfully.
“I would like to set up a Kaling regiment in front of the government, given the state’s contribution to the national defense establishment, and at the same time because it is on the eastern coast of India, ensuring the protection of reputable institutions. like the island of Abdul Kalam, “Patra said.
The BJD deputy draws attention to the house, recalling the Kalinga war and the rebellion of Paik. He said it was natural for the army to rise from the Odyssey.
In addition, Patra also stated that the Missile Probe Center, INS Chilka and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, make a huge contribution to the nation’s defense.

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