Bi-monthly report by deputy: Achyuta Samanta welcomes CM’s initiative

Bhubaneswar: Envoy Kandhamal and BJD Whip parliamentary party leader Achyta Samantha greeted Monday’s initiative by Prime Minister Naveen Patnaik to submit a two-month progress report to parliament.
Yesterday, Patnaik instructed his party deputies to submit a report card by the 10th day every two months starting from August. In his response, Samantha said: “The Chief Minister has always tried to maximize the efforts of Odish and her people.”
“The Chief Minister wants the promises he made in the electoral manifest as soon as possible. In that sense, he advised all ministers of his cabinet, party deputies, MLA and officials to take initiatives, “he added.
The CM also advised MPs to raise issues and issues in the interests of Odys and her people, because Biju Janata Dal is dedicated to the people of Odish.
“In my opinion, all members of the BJD, MLA and ministers should work in that regard. We are aware of the problems of our parliamentary constituencies, as well as issues related to the interest of Odyshee people, “Samantha said.
“We should be cautious about the issues we are asking in Parliament. I will make every effort to do all the other deputies in the parliament to ask questions related to Odish as the head of the parliamentary party, the added.

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