The hallmark of good governance is the satisfaction of the citizens: Naveen

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik emphasized citizen-centered governance on Saturday and urged officials to review all services from the citizens’ perspective.
At the senior staff meeting, Patnaik said, “The hallmark of good governance is citizen satisfaction, and frankly, you all agree that there are huge opportunities for improvement.”
He asked the officials if various departments of the government received feedback from the citizens on their satisfaction.
He said that all government offices exist for citizens and run with their money. “What is the satisfaction of the citizens in these offices? I want you to look at all services from the point of view of citizens. Total Citizen Centric Governance, “he said.
“I write your performance review reports. People write my performance review report. I want a connection between these two. Beth of us must be held accountable. I mean it sincerely, “explained the CM.
The Odisha CM said that a government gains people’s trust through good work and repeatedly enjoys people’s trust through continued good work.
“We have now reached a certain stage in development and governance, from which we should take a leap to the next level. People are ambitious and that should motivate us to provide effective services, “he said.
He added, “With this term, I want to focus on large-scale employment and value creation comparable to the best in the world in Australia. South Korea. Singapore. Bold industrialization and world-class infrastructure MSME cluster start-up hubs. “
“Make our policy the best in the country in every sector where we see the potential. If the country’s best state provides X, we’ll do X PLUS. Together with a conducive microclimate, “he continued.
The CM said, “In terms of services, the government is going to make a paradigm shift toward self-certification, trusting the goodness of people and not the integrity of our process.”
“I want 5Ts translated into letters and letters. Technology, teamwork, transparency and time to transformation “, emphasized the CM.
“I want you to identify all the services and processes in which you want to implement 5Ts in the first phase. Preferably wherever there is a citizen interface, “he added.
The GMO will directly monitor the implementation of 5Ts.

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