Beware! Deogarh’s police are launching a ride to the Nab

Deogarh: Beware Drunkards! Deogarh’s police pressed two special vehicles to round up people wandering in anxiety.
In accordance with the instructions of Deogarha SP Rahul Jaina, the district police are conducting a patrol in the Deogarh district of Rath Yatra in order to put the drunkards on a check.
This move comes as drunkards that cause disturbances during the Rath Yatra, creating extreme discomfort for people.
Sources said that two “drunk cars” were seen in the wander and around the area of ??the municipality since Rath Yatra. The van also is seen to lead patrols near the famous tourist spot, the waterfall of Pradhanpata.
It can be mentioned here that Deogarh’s police are launching a drunken fight every year during this festival to curb the danger. During driving, people who create processions on the road in a drunken state and persons caught in drive and drive cases face music.

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