Ayodhya Case Verdict: Madhya Pradesh Police Preps To Prevent Trouble

Bhopal: Ahead of the crucial Supreme Court verdict in the Ayodhya dispute case, Madhya Pradesh Police are prepping to prevent any trouble.
The police said they will not tolerate any “objectionable content” on social media and messenger services like WhatsApp.
Any gathering of four or more people has been banned in several districts including state capital Bhopal.
The police have asked the field staff of other departments and Anganwadi workers to keep a vigil on possible trouble.
The new security plan involves the participation of staff of government departments along with the beat constables in 1,100 police station areas across 52 districts.
The police have carried out emergency drills to control big crowds. Police officers and government employees in Madhya Pradesh have been asked not to take leave until further notice.

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