Anti-Indian slogans raised during the World Cup semi-finals with NZ

Manchester: Khalistani sympathizers have raised anti-Indian slogans during the semi-finals of the World Cup with New Zealand, but were upset by Indian fans.
According to reports, prohalist slogans were erected during the match between India and New Zealand. However, officials were thrown out and detained Paramyat Singh Pammu. The report states that police officers have not yet filed any charges. Pamma, a member of the California Tiger Force, is on the NIA Most Wanted List.
Pamma was arrested in Portugal after information was received at the request of the Indian government on Interpol’s red corner. However, it was released after Portugal refused India’s extradition request.
Earlier in Edgbaston they were erected and slogans during the World Cup match between India and England. India expressed its concern over the issue. Indian authorities have cited the UK about the possible use of the stadium for the conduct of anti-Indian campaigns in future World Cup matches.

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