An older woman dies after falling into a drain in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: In a tragic incident, an elderly woman died after she slid into an open drainage drain near Saly Sahi in the capital on Thursday.
The deceased is identified as T Akamma of the Nayagarh Salia Sahi colony.
According to sources, many lowland areas in the capital have been flooded after the rain since last night. Rainwater also filled several drains in the city.
An older woman went to work when she slid into the drain and died. Her death caused tension in the area with angry locals who blocked Nayapalli VIP’s way in protest.
Demonstrators claimed that the entire Bhubaneswar was closed even after a short period of rain. They said that the death of people after falling into sewers is not new. The boy died after several months of drowning him in the drainage water in the Nayapalli area, they say.

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