After the Prime Minister’s meeting, the BJP MP said: “We Spill Blood”

MADHYA PRADESH: In apparent suspicion following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s warning to leaders of the BJP to avoid controversy, a lawmaker from Madhya Pradesh today said his party would “spill blood” for releasing a fellow prisoner.
Ramkhelawan Patel, representing the seat of the Amarpatan Assembly, has requested the release of Ram Sushil Patella, who was arrested for allegedly attacking the chief municipal officer (CMO), Devratan Sonya, during a public meeting in Ramnagar district Satna.
“Mai aap logon ko vachan dena chahta hoon ki Ram Sushil Patel ko se prijavite Jail se bahar le aayenge, aur churane ke liye BJP ko agar apna khoon bhi bahana padega toh khoon bhi bahane ka kaam karenge Da Ram Sushil Patel osvobodi iz zatvora even if the BJP has to shed blood, we will spill blood and release it from prison, “Ramkhelavan Patel said.
Ramkhelawan Patel was surrounded by three other leaders of the BJP, including County President Satna Narendra Tripathi. When contacted, BJP spokesman Rahul Kothari said the party has not yet received details of such developments.
Earlier today, the prime minister hosted the first group of deputies of the BJP in his residence and allegedly told them: they work for people, they regularly come to parliament and give a lot of time to their constituencies.
The prime minister remained furious after a video of a shocking attack by another lawmaker from Madhya Pradesh – Akash Vijayvargiya, the son of senior BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya – who became viral.
Akash Vijayvargiya attacked a city official with a cricket ball last Wednesday. On Sunday, he came out of prison to a great welcome; The day before, some fans shot into the air to celebrate his bailout. The workers who gathered in front of the prison welcomed him with wreaths.
Prime Minister Modi clearly expressed his disapproval of Akash Vijayvargiya’s action and said that such leaders should be expelled, “regardless of the son”.
The Prime Minister appears to have made a clear message that yesterday some Madhya Pradesh leaders had provided food for thought, and MP Ramesh Mendola explains the reception agreed for Akash Vijavargiya on his release from jail on bail.

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