Action against 836 Corrupt Officers: Justice Minister Pratap Yen

Bhubaneswar: The state government has taken measures against 836 corrupt officials, which have been found to have been involved in major irregularities in the implementation of various programs over the past two years.
On Tuesday, Justice Minister Pratap Jen informed the Odysha Assembly.
Responding to a Congressional member’s question, Santosh Singh Salja, Jena said action was taken against police officers who were in charge of implementing programs such as Indira Awas Yojana, Biyo Pucca Ghar Yojana and Pradhan Mantra Awas Yojana in 2017 and 2018.
“Of the 836 corrupted police officers, 79 were suspended and 22 were dismissed while the charges were brought against 35. In addition, 268 police officers received a notification of the reasons, while 432 officials were asked for an explanation,” she further informed.

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