A robber killed while a bomb exploded during an escape offer

Ganjam: The robber was killed after the bomb exploded during an escape attempt from the police after a robbery of a trader in the Bhanjanagara area of ??Ganjam district today.
The deceased was identified as Charan Nayak.
According to sources, three criminals have robbed 1.20 lk Rs from a trader at Kanteipali Chhaku today. After that, the trader warned the police. Beginning quickly, the police persecuted the criminals and tried to arrest them.
In the meantime, a bomb owned by one of the robbers left after the bike slid and crashed to the ground. As a result, one of the three criminals died on the spot.
Allegedly, the police took over the body and launched an investigation into the incident. In the meantime, efforts are being made to capture the other two robbers who managed to escape from the site, sources added.

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