A lawsuit against Misa Bharti was filed in the case of money laundering

NEW DELHI: The enforcement authority filed an additional sheet today in Delhi, in the case of alleged money laundering against the closed daughter of RJD Lalu Prasad Yadav, Misa Bharti and others.
The investigation agency has appointed 35 new defendants, including 20 companies.
Of the 15 individuals, there are eight Chartered Accountants appointed as accused in the Indictment sheet which also mention details of the shares worth Rs. 8,000 crore.
Special Public Prosecutor Atul Tripathi filed an indictment before the Special Judge Arun Bhardwaj.
The Investigation Agency raided the farm and several other locations in July 2017, as part of an investigation against two brothers – Surendra Kumar Jain and Virendra Jain – and others, who are alleged to washed several crows of rupees using companies that used grenades.
He also arrested Rajesh Agrawal, an authorized accountant who reportedly intervened and provided Rs. 90 lakh brothers Jain in advance to invest in M ??/ s Mishail Packers and Printers Pvt Ltd as a premium for stocks “.
Ms. Bharti and her husband allegedly were directors in this firm in the past.

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