A girl with a wrist band, plastic over her head found in a school in Calcutta, dies

KOLKATA: A teenager with a sleeve and a plastic bag was found across the head in the toilet of a prominent school in Kolkata on Friday.
A girl, allegedly a 10th grade student, was taken to the hospital where she died.
Also, a suicide message was found on three pages, local media reported. The girl is said to be a class at the top.
Senior police officers are in school and an investigation is underway.
Although preliminary indications indicate that this was a suicide case, the killing team in Calcutta is also on-site and suggests that all options be explored.
According to sources, the girl went to the toilet around 1:40 am, and about 20 minutes later they started looking for her.
Fixed and bleeding was found in a school toilet with a splint on the left ankle. The girl may have put a plastic bag on her head to prevent her from screaming.
A terrible incident shocked the city.

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