A film produced by Odishine Jitendra Mishra will be shown in the United Nations

Bhubaneswar: An international film producer and promoter born in Odisha, Jitendra Mishra, made us proud. His recent feature film The Last Color, written and directed by Michelin’s famous cook Vikas Khanna, will be screened at the United Nations Headquarters today. This will be one of the few Indian films that have been selected to appear on this prestigious and incredible platform.
The film was premiered at the prestigious 30th Palm Springs International Film Festival in 2019, and recently had a special projection at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. The last color, based on a book of the same name that Vikas wrote several years ago. Eighty-six-minute film actors actor Neena Gupta and children’s artists Aksa Siddique, and a trick turning around the Supreme Court’s decree against an ancient tradition that the widows in Vrindavan are not allowed to play Holi. The film was produced by Bindu Khanna, Poonam Kaul and Jitendra Mishra under the flag of House of Omkar.
In order to raise awareness of the end of all forms of discrimination against women and girls everywhere and to achieve gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls within the goals of sustainable development of the United Nations, SPICE-Indian Club hosts special screenings LAST COLOR & “Meet the Makers” on Friday , 12 July 2019, at 6 pm, in Conference Room 2, United Nations Headquarters, New York.
“Today is one of the biggest days of my cinematic journey so far; The #THELASTCOLOR film will have a special projection at the United Nations Headquarters on Friday, July 12, 2019, at 6 pm (New York time) … Of course, this is for me, our entire team, a happy moment and I am sure be a proud moment for all of us in my hometown # Titlagarh my state #Odisha & my country # India … The film is all about the Victory of the human spirit and here I witnessed through the man hour Kuhar Vikas Khanna, his dream, determination, hard work and sacrifice to I would have achieved that dream. This is a true victory of the human spirit. Thank you, dearest Vikas, for making me part of your dream project.
Born in Titlagarh Odish Jitendra Mishra is a multi-award winning film producer and promoter. He has already been associated with more than 110 films in all categories and different capacities. He is invited to many credible international film festivals as an eminent jury and is currently in the governing board of the largest and oldest media network for children CIFEJ and a member of the network of producers in Cannes. He is also the director of the festival of the unique film festival SIFFCY that he designed and conceived for the Smile Foundation.

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