A board member on Facebook is urging the FBI and CIA to investigate Google’s links across China

Washington: Facebook member Peter Thiel said the FBI and CIA should investigate Google for allegedly working with the Chinese army.
Thiel said the technical giant was “thoroughly infiltrated” by Chinese spies. A prominent supporter of the US president said that Google faced a failure last year over its plans to build a censored search engine named Dragonfly for China.
In the meantime, Thiel has asked Google three questions about the relationship with the Chinese army. These questions relate to the infiltration of foreign intelligence services and the seemingly treacherous decision to work with the Chinese army, not the US military.
Google, however, denied Tilly’s allegations of links to China.
A Google spokesman said they had previously said they were not working with the Chinese army. The US president accused Google of “helping China and their military” in March.

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