7-hour commitment for faculty teachers; Odisha govt release release

Bhubaneswar: Onish government issued a notice on Friday to extend teachers’ working hours to government schools at seven o’clock.
In a letter to the faculty director, Saswat Mishra, the secretary-general of the Department of Higher Education, said: “In order to improve the outcomes of learning and teaching in governmental and auxiliary non-government faculties of the state, this requires that all teachers set up in government faculties and non-government public schools, regardless of their actual purpose, including the director, from now on they will serve at least 7 hours each working day. “
However, the 7-time duty rule does not apply to guest college because they are paid a reward for the number of hours they teach, Mishra says in a letter.
“In addition to the usual teaching work, teachers are obliged to dedicate time to the library, research, taking extra hours for late students, taking corrective classes for students in need, monitoring attendance, helping the authority of the faculty in teaching and non-teaching tasks – said Mishra.
The letter further states that students at faculties will have to attend at least 75% of the available hours, which will not be allowed to appear at the final exam.
“Student attendance must be monitored on a monthly basis, and parents of students who do not attend 75% of grade must be contacted by phone / SMS / postcard,” the letter added.

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